The nerve of certain mandem!


Okay not mandem but she might as well be mandem with her hefty self! So there is a woman and she is the most cantankerous, pedantic and just all round annoying person I have ever met! Every little thing, she pulls people up on, always finding fault in something, always complaining, moaning and groaning!

The other day there was a beep coming from the dishwasher, she, in a huff, heads to the kitchen saying “I really hate noise while I’m trying to work, it’s really annoying you know”….Errr NO, I don’t know because I could barely hear the little beep before you highlighted it! But ill tell you what is annoying, every time you open your mouth with a complaint and your voice pierces the silence that is actually conducive to working! No one cared about the little beep in the distance, that doesn’t go on as long as you’re complaining does!

Another incident:

People are in the room having a telepresence. They are trying to figure out the levels, she’s there like “ooo what is going on? Why does it have to be so loud, it’s really annoying when you’re trying to work you know”.  Time passes and they have called IT, they run tests, she’s complaining “oh no, isn’t it really loud? These kinds of things just really get on my nerves you know” *gets up to close the door* meanwhile her with her heavy foot is exerting so much force on the floor that with every pound I feel like I need to hold on to my desk to anchor myself, STOMP STOMP STOMP all damn day, all damn afternoon, all damn evening. Someone actually made a remark about her heavy footedness and she brushed it of talking about “that happens when you wear heels hun”.  No bish! It is not no gotdamn heels! Because even in flats its the same STOMP STOMP STOMP. I think i’ll ask her if she came down on a beanstalk! (Jack and the beanstalk reference, or more the Giant in the story)

Tah Rah Tid!


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