Be careful who you share your energy with!

fboyThere are some people in the world who are unsure of how to deal with their own issues and insecurities and so in a bid to hide this inability, they suck the good, the compassion, the love and the energy out of you, and the more you give, is the more they feed and they will keep feeding until there is nothing left, or until you say ENOUGH (the latter would be better for you).

Their problems are unloaded on to you, they become yours while your own issues are suppressed. They say you must accept them as is, put up with them, flaws and all but do not care to explore yours. They sometimes buy you gifts / take you out which is a temporary fix until they make you feel like you should be eternally grateful for it. If there is a dispute, it is never their fault, they never see it refuse to see it from your perspective thus never take any responsibility for their actions. They lie but it is you who are always at fault, they don’t do the apologising, you do.

What starts to happen then, is that you become a shell of the person you used to be. You try to become the person you think they will love, which causes a misalignment within you. Whenever you feel upset / unsure, you think twice about bringing it up because you know how it will end, instead of the reassurance, explanation, conversation, you’re seeking, they will fly off the handle, until they train you to put up and shut up, but you have to MUST realise, the wrong person will make you feel like you are asking for too much because deep down, they do not have enough to offer.

You MUST remember, you were not put on this earth for anyone to disrespect or upset. You are better and deserve better.

You ultimately need to choose better for yourself. You need to recognise that YOU are powerful and no person, place or thing has the power over you or your thoughts unless you relinquish it. You are in control. It may feel like they are, like your happiness is attached to them, but that is not true and that certainly is not love. It is dependency and dependency is terrible because when they leave, where does your happiness go? Right out the door with them.

Start to listen to your intuition, if it tells you something is off, no matter how far into the relationship, friendship you are, be it a week or years, you stop it. It may be hard, but it is necessary. Don’t ignore the warning signs, until it’s too late. It is not better the devil you know, it is better to know no devil and no person that you share real, true, soul connecting love with, will ever be a devil.

Learn to be happy alone, do not lower your standards, morals, or your vibration for anyone. Don’t dumb yourself down to make them feel comfortable. Don’t dim your light because they are inadequately equipped to handle your shine. The right person will never make you do that. With the right person, you will both vibrate higher. You’ll both shine bright like diamonds (HA! So much cheese!)

Anyone who makes you feel as though you have to diminish yourself to be in their company is not someone you should keep around. Anyone who leaves you feeling perplexed, upset and in a state of limbo is not for you. Let go of negative spirits that poison your soul.

Do not settle for less than the best, because the best is what you deserve.

Unsubscribe from their BS, that is not what you signed up for.


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