Look busy!

Usain-Bolt-Yohan-Blake-and-Justin-Gatlin1Argh my goodness, sometimes when it’s coming up to home time and there’s not that much to be done, or there’s not enough time between now and then to do anything substantial, I just wanna chill but I don’t want people around me to think I’m not doing anything but the hardest thing to do, is to look busy when you’re not really doing anything! lol bruh it is complex yo!

Having excel sheets open, and word documents trying to make it look like there is oh sooooo much going on on my screen, then you have to remember to move the screen up and down a few times in case some office snitch sitting near you realises that it’s been on the same pie chart for the past 20 mins! But everyone is doing it! It gets to about 5ish and the typing becomes less, the accidental blare of talking from a youtube video when they forget to put the sound on mute, then having to give a public apology and feeling hot and flustered and sometimes they turn red because now they’ve ousted themselves and look like the only person not working loool.

Speaking of trying to look busy…

I remember in a previous place of employment, this guy, on the days that he was late, would literally run (picture Usain Bolt crossing the finish line) into the office, now let me tell you what was so wrong about this.

Before you got to our office, you had to go through 2 doors and a sign in sheet. So the first door – you either had to ring the bell, wait for them to see you on screen, then buzz you in (which wasn’t always straight away) or you used your key (if you hadn’t forgotten it at home). You then had to go through another set of doors, and finally, you would have to stop to sign in your name and the time you came in, walk approx. 5 steps and you were in the office. So I could never fathom why he’d still be running.

Like for real tho! He must have stopped at the intercom stage and even if he didn’t, he must have stopped at the other door and lets say he didn’t, for argument sake, he almost certainly had to stop to sign in otherwise how would he have written? Imagine him there like those dedicated joggers at crossings waiting for the green man, trying to sign in his name and check the time and talk to the receptionist while keeping up a steady pace. NO! You fooled no one at all! You were late and running the 5 steps from the reception to the office changes nothing!

About you’re busy rushing! Go weh! Liard looool


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