Did you know??


There is a Town in England called Hartlepool. Why is this of any significance to my life I hear you cry. Well, my child…Sorry I don’t know where I’m heading with that but on with the story!….

So Hartlepool is a town in England, North East England to be precise.

The populace of England, during the time of the Napoleonic wars (France under rule of Napoleon Bonaparte), lived under a veil of paranoia, constantly troubled with the thought of being invaded by the French (poor them ay) thus, everyone who wasn’t ‘familiar’ became a suspect, a french infiltrator, a spy.

During a storm, one of the French ships took a severe pounding and eventually sunk, leaving only one survivor who washed ashore. A little monkey in french military garb who was possibly used for entertainment on the ship, possibly :/

It is said that the Hartlepool fishermen who happened across the lone survivor, instead of caring for the poor thing, decided that it needed to be questioned and get this, even held a public trial because, apparently, they did not know what a frenchman looked like (nor a monkey?).

Unfortunately for the monkey, they didn’t believe that it was innocent and sentenced it to death by lynching hanging. There is also a song that accompanies this ridiculousness that goes into detail about the torture these monsters inflicted on this poor poor creature.

“Hammer his ribs…cut off his whiskers…He’s never been shaved, So commenced to scrape the Monkey…put him on the gridiron hot” are just some of the lines.

I know that it sounds unbelievable, but research it, it seems to be true. Currently, in Hartlepool the football mascot is a monkey and they also have bronze statues of monkey’s around the town (more confirmation?)

But do we really believe that it was a monkey tho?


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