Finally, I can go nude!

nubian skin For far too long beautiful darker, richer skin tones have been ignored by the mainstream fashion industry. Many models (and just woc in general) often having to dye underwear with tea or cover it in make up in a bid to try and find their shade of nude #thestruggle

This is why, I am so happy with Ade Hassan, for bringing out “Nubian Skin”, hosiery & lingerie that caters to the more sun kissed tones, injecting some much needed diversity to the world of colourless cauliflower & boring bland beige nudes.

Bianca Miller, Apprentice finalist is also hoping to launch hosiery company, catering to and reflecting the varying complexions of our multicultural societies. Hooray!

But like with the natural hair movement, (and what history has taught me) I am waiting to see the “capitalist” (the politically correct term) swoop in, exploit and take over like they always do when black people try to do something for themselves, by themselves. They know that there are other people in this world other than ponc – people of no colour (which i’m not sure is a term, but assuming it is or should be as we are called #poc hmm) but have never cared to cater to us, they do not care enough about us to do so. We’re kind of like …meh… to them.

Of course they know POC exist, but It is not until they think black people may be influencing a shift in the market or the “status quo” that they start to appear interested. Some say that when they see money can be made, they get involved and although that is almost 100 per cent true, perhaps the real reason they get involved is because they cannot stand to see black businesses prosper because with black businesses, comes black wealth and black economics, black politics – POWER.

It will mean an elevating from the purposeful powerless positions that were created for POC. It would mean autonomy, self determinism, something they have always been paranoid about since forever! Need I mention, Haiti, Ghana, rice, ‘aid’, the ‘free market’, oh you don’t know what I am on about? Well I guess I have more writing to do! Surely I need not mention Black Wall Street… Oh you’ve never heard of Black Wall Street huh? Perhaps ill write another blog about it especially for you! It’ll be my pleasure 🙂

But yeah, I hope that the market doesn’t become saturated by “capitalist” who never cared, who can’t play fair and are only intent on squeezing out the black small business owners.

I wish Ade and Bianca all the success in the world and hope they are able to use that success to help their communities.

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