A garden in the Sky


So anyone that knows me, knows I am a sucker for great views, scenery, nature bla bla so the other day my frolleague? collend? (tried to create a portmanteau word) basically someone I met at work and we clicked so now were friends init lol anyway she, being the lovely soul that she is, booked us tickets to the Sky Garden in the city of London which made such a nice change from our usual Pret / Mc D’s lunch!

20150626_132804It is within the walkie talkie building (20 Fenchurch street). Initially the queue was a little off putting, especially as we were going during lunch, but it moved quite fast, considering you had to have photo ID checked, tickets checked, bag scanned and thru metal detectors.

I can’t remember what floor the Sky Garden was on, I wanna saaaay 25? no maybe 35? no hmm…not sure, but the lift ride was long enough to feel suppper awkward (you’re stuffed in with about 9 other people) and goes high enough for you to feel as if your ear drums are being perforated, perhaps I’m being dramatic, but our ears did pop lol.

20150626_132244                                20150626_133118

Once you enter, you are greeted with a spectacular view of the city! Really tall trees, amazing greenery, and an okkkkay live jazz band but overall in my opinion, cest super!!

What’s even greater about the experience, is that for the hour, it is completely FREE! and you can take the kids!! Smiles all round! So go now before they start charging like at the Shard!

Warning: It is very high up, so if you suffer from vertigo, I do not advise going too far out on to the viewing panel thingy.



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