Do things that make you uncomfortable


At lunch today, like yesterday, I went to New Look. When I was checking out, I realised that one of the items that was supposed to be £15.00 flashed up as £24.00. Now I am looking at the girl thinking, hmmm maybe at the end she’ll see, then I was like, hmm maybe at the end, the till will adjust itself, neither happened!

My old self came into play: I put my card in, paid for the stuff and walked out, kicking myself for not saying anything other than, “thanks, you have a nice day too”. I got across the road, still fretting, then asked myself, have I taken the path of least resistance here? Have I made a decision that the inner me feels aligned with? The answer was a resounding no!

My new self kicked in! I stopped, I checked the label, checked the receipt and I was right, I had been over charged £9! I spun round, went back in, spoke to one of the girls on the shop floor, who took me straight past the xfactor audition style queue and viola! I got my refund! Instantly! I felt better, no longer afflicted!

Sooo, the moral of the story, I guess is, sometimes you must do things that you  want to do, you have to push yourself out of that cushy comfort zone (which sometimes isn’t really that cushy or comforting at all) in order to become the better version of yourself, the one that feels aligned and at ease when you take the path of least resistance.

Be happy. Be true =)


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